THE BEDROCK / performance action / HD video / Photo behind Acrylic glass / 88’55” / 60cm x 40cm / 2017
exhibition view: Homewards, Reflektor Gallery, Užice

Creating the foundation of the house is the first step towards consolidating one’s basis, not just for habitual purposes but also for placing oneself and starting self-future.

The piece of land, which my grandfather promised to me while he still was alive is something the most valuable that, for now, I informally possess through my father. With the help of my friends and family members, on this piece of land has been realized the performance action of excavating the soil in order to prepare it for filling with the concrete of the house foundation.

Even thou the final product of the action does not have the status of a stable foundation, it stands as the first step towards it that with its potential implies a secure future. 

video: the bedrock