Bosnian born artist, researcher and storyteller of life. Cofounder of Fully Funded Residencies association and online platform that serves for disseminating open calls, assisting artists with residency opportunities and for sharing experiences and critical reflection on the AiR programme. 
In the continuous processing, the fact that her origin is left behind but her identity is evolving and merging with a larger whole. She is in search of the appropriate ways to address the challenges of living a fully embraced life as a foreigner carrying the responsibility of attachment to the values of family heritage.

Lives and works in Berlin. Visits Bosnia as often as she can.


-2015/2017 MA Public art and New artistic strategies, BAUHAUS Universität (Germany)
-2015 Online non-credit course offered by Duke University-ART of the MOOC: ‘’Merging PublicArt and Experimental Education’’
-2010/2014 Academy of Arts, Banja Luka University (BiH)


-2021, Wärme/Warmth, Galerie Bernau, Bernau bei Berlin (DE)
​-2021,‘Domestic Wall/Domaći zid’, Gallery Reflektor, UVUU, Užice (SRB)
-2018, ‘Homewards’, Remont Gallery, Belgrade (SRB)
-2018, ‘Utemeljenje/The Bedrock‘, Ostavinska Gallery, Belgrade (SRB)
-2018, ‘Homewrds’, Gallery Reflektor, UVUU, Užice (SRB)
​-2018, ‘Homewards‘, Gallery SKC Kragujevac, Kragujevac (SRB) 


     -Ne Sporazum, History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo (BIH)
     -ALLES MUSS RAUS, Center for Peripheries, Open Tiny, Berlin (DE)
-’Les Balkannes’, Group exhibition, Contempl’Art, Paris (FR)
     -NewNormal – “Normalität” und künstlerische Arbeit, Kommunale Galerie Berlin, Berlin (DE)
     -Language in Common, Youth Biennal 2021, ULUS Belgrade (SRB)
     -Video Art Festival ArtMetamedia 0.21, Haus der Statistik, curators Božidar Katić and Martina Mezak, Berlin (DE)
     -Floating Projects – “Screening Brushstrokes 放映不足 2”, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), Hong Kong (CN)   
     -LEAP AND DIVE_identity positions of space, curator Sanja Kojić Mladenov, Gallery U10, Belgrade (SRB)
     -‘Herz, Heimat, Orte’, Galerie Bernau, Bernau bei Berlin (DE)

    – “Die Schule der Folgenlosigkeit”,Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (DE)

    -To Build Again: Artists about architecture, Gallery of Contemporary art, Pančevo (SRB)
    -The Laboratory of Dissent: Inside/Outside Symposium, Winchester School of Art, Winchester (UK)
    -Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (SMIFF) with 60Seconds Film Festival (South Korea)
    -Fotopub art Festival, Novo Mesto (SLO)
    -Bosnian Videoart Cafe, Moskou Festival #2, Brussels (BEL)
    -‘IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM, Schiller Museum, Weimar (DE)
    -WRO Media Library: ‘Turn on the lights’, WRO Art Center, Wroclaw (POL)
    -Muestra Anual XXXI #mam31, Museo de Arte Moderno Chiloé,Castro- Chiloé, (CL)

-‘Salon mladih 2018’, ULUBIH, Collegium artisticum / Charlama Depot Gallery, Sarajevo (BIH)
   -The ZVONO Award 2018 Finalists’ Group Exhibition, SKLOP, Sarajevo (BIH)
   -‘VIDEOPARK’ Contemporary Art Festival, Reflector Gallery, UVUU, Užice (SRB)
   -‘CONNECTED East Meets West’, video screening, Top Schillerpalais, Berlin (DE)
   -”Off the Road”, Perjanički dom Gallery, Center for contemporary art Montenegro, Podgorica (MNE)
   -99 Files, exhibition/project by Landscape_in_Progress, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Skopje (MK)
   -Werkpräsentation der Artists in Residence 02/2018, BKA-Veranstaltungsraum, Vienna (AUS)
​   -Transcultural Emancipation, Billboard Project at Fluc, Vienna (AUS)
   -60 seconds Film Festival, Copenhagen (Denmark)
   -Immer Ärger mit den Großeltern / The Trouble with Grandparents, Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden (Germany)
    -InShadow – Lisbon Screendance Festival 2017, Lisbon (PRT)
    -‘Videoproject’, Video art Biennale, Rennes (FRA)
    -”Within four walls”, Annual exhibition as part of Summary 2017 on Bauhaus Universität, Weimar (Germany)
    -OpenScreen at Ružica, Bihać (BIH)
    -”Heterotopia: The Spaces of Otherness”, Serbian House, London (UK)
    -”Off the Road”, Gallery Pro3or, Belgrade (Serbia)
    -“Am Fluss”, Project coolaboration MFA Public art and New Artistic Strategies-Bauhaus Universität and Kunsthaus Dresden (Germany)
    -Short Film Festival ”Francesco Pasinetti”, Liceo Artistico Statale ”Michelangelo Guggenheim”, Venice (Italy)
    -L’Œil d’Oodaaq Festival, The cultural center ‘La Grande Passarelle”, Saint-Malo (France)
    -‘(Un)Sounds of Buchenwald, Momemtum worldwide, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin (Germany) 
    -‘(Un)Sounds of Buchenwald, former Disinfection Hall, Buchenwald Memorial, Weimar (Germany)

     – Avi Festival, art video international, Museum of Israeli cinema, Jerusalem (Israel)
     – The tenth ”art Thuer – art fair Thuringia”, Messe Erfurt, Erfurt (Germany)
     -“ArtSpin Berlin”, Public space of Berlin, (Germany)
     -‘Mister Vorky’, 3rd International One-minute Film Festival, Ruma (Serbia)
     -“Contemporary Refresh”, Brodac Gallery, Sarajevo (BIH)
     -“Olimpiadas artisticas de Olinda” international art shows, Olinda (Brasil)
     -“Contemporary Thesaurus”, Cultural Center Belgrade, Belgrade (Serbia)
     -“Yes we are”, Annual exhibition as part of Summary 2016 on Bauhaus Universität, Weimar (Germany)
     -“Contemporary Thesaurus”, Museum of Contemporary art Vojvodina, Novi Sad (Serbia)
     -“Tomorrow we will explain” project by Bauhaus University in cooperation with Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden (Germany)
     – Kultursymposium by Goethe Institut, Lichthaus Kino, Weimar (Germany)
     -“You say art, I say what”, Project Zentrum Berlin der Stiftung Mercator, Berlin (Germany)
     -“Contemporary Thesaurus”, Museum of Contemporary art of Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka (BIH)

     -‘’Kreni stazom koje nema’’, Dom Omladine, Beograd (Serbia)
     -‘’Imaginary Bauhaus Museum”, part of 2nd Herbstsalon in Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin (Germany)  
     – 32nd Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel (Germany)
     – EuroVideo 2015 festival, Liege (Belgium) 
     – CTL 59 seconds European audiovisual creation competition, Pamplona (Spain)
     – Video art festival “Aart Video Riviera 2015”, Netanya, (Israel) 
     – 16th International Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 TEST EXPOSURE, Wroclaw (Poland) 
     – 60 seconds Film Festival, Copenhagen (Denmark) 
     – SHARE To Much History MORE Future, Museum of Contemporary art of Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka (BIH)
     – Video contest exhibition ‘’Body as a regime’’, SKC,Beograd, (Serbia) 

     – 1# Project/Exhibition “ApARTman”, private apartment, Banja Luka (BIH)
     – 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille, (France) 
     – SHARE To Much History MORE Future, 6th namaTREba project/biennial, Trebinje (BIH) 
     – FAÇADE Video Festival, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) 
     – “Videonomad”, video screening, Dak”Art Off ; Raw material company(Senegal) 
     – May Exhibition of the Print Art, Graficki Kolektiv Gallery, Beograd (Serbia)
     – Selection of Graphic art from Academy of Arts University in Banja Luka, Banski dvor, Banja Luka, (BIH) 

     – International exhibition of miniatures ” Minimum Maximum III “, Banja Luka(BIH) 
     – International exhibition of miniatures ” Minimum Maximum IV “, Basel, (Switzerland)
     – XI International Graphic Biennial of drypoint, Uzice (Serbia)
     – An exhibition of works with objects Intermedia Arts “Asymmetrical I”, Trebinje (BIH)
     – VII EX-YU Call for graphics, SKC, Beograd (Serbia)


       -Exhibition Funding, Ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
       -The Jury Award, Les Balkannes, Association Contempl’Art, Paris

      -Step Beyond Travel Grants, European Cultural Foundation

​      – Finalist for ZVONO Young Visual Artist Award 
      – The Jury award at ‘VIDEOPARK’ Contemporary Art Festival at Reflector Gallery, UVUU,Užice
      – The Jury Award for the best short film at 60seconds Film Festival in Copenhagen

      – Grant Award from Kreativfonds -Bauhaus-Universität Weimar for project realization

      – Grant Award from Kreativfonds -Bauhaus-Universität Weimar for project realization
      – DAAD Studienstipendien für ausländische Bewerber im Fachbereich Bildende Kunst,
        Design/ visuelle Kommunikation und Film

     – The Jury Award and Special mention for the best work of visual experiment at CTL 59 seconds 
       European audiovisual creation competition in Spain
     – The Jury Award for the best short film at 60seconds Film Festival in Copenhagen
     – European Audience Award at Euro Videographies 2015 Festival in Liege
     – The Jury Award for video work on “Body as regime” contest in Belgrade

     – Gold Plaque for the student generation at the Academy of Art from University of Banja Luka
     – Finalist 6th namaTREba project/biennial competition for young artist, Trebinje 
     – Award for the best work in the field of Graphics from The Academy at the annual final exhibition
       of the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka

     – Finalist for “Henkel Art.Award” 
     – Award for the best Graphic work from Museum of Kozara Prijedor at the annual final exhibition
​       of the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka
      – Scholarship from Ministry of Culture of Republic of Srpska


      – IVA.labResidence Videoproduction, Požega (SRB)
       -Bibliothek der Künstlerinen – Weimar, Kunstfest Weimar, Weimar (DE)

      – (ongoing project)
      -KulturKontakt Austria Artist-in-residence, Vienna (AUS) 

     -‘Cultural friendship Austria-BiH’, Apartman #4/Oservation from outside, Banja Luka (BIH)
     -‘ArtSpin Berlin’, community based interactive bike and art tour, Berlin (Germany)
     -Summary 2016, annual exhibition of the Bauhaus University, Weimat (Germany)
​     -‘Tomorrow we will explain’ art project from Bauhaus in cooperation with Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden (Germany)
     – Kultursymposium by Goethe Institut, Lichthaus Kino, Weimar (Germany)

      – ‘Bauhaus goes Gorki’, art project from Bauhaus in cooperation with MAxim Gorki Theater, Berlin (Germany)

     – “Video edition 01”, Museum of Contemporary art of Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka (BIH) 
     – International project BAUHAUS goes South-East-Sarajevo 1914/2014, Sarajevo, (BIH) 
     – International Meeting of Artist, Arts organization “My Land Štaglinec” on property of Vlasta Delimar, Koprivnica, (Croatia)
     – XXXI session of Artistic and ecological colony Bardača, Srbac, (BIH)

     – International Congress of contemporary art and theory Former West, Berlin, (Germany)
     – International Land Art Festival ” Straw “, Osijek (Croatia)
     – Regional festival of independent art scene BL – ART, Banja Luka, (BIH )
     – CentiArts “First international artists” video screening project Videonomad, Tunis (Tunisia) ​


     -2021 New Normal – Normalität und künstlerische Arbeit, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin 
      -2019 Saturday Night in the Studio #2 art talk, Studio of Jelena Fuzinato, Berlin 
      -2018 ArtSample Mangelos #2: Nemanja Delja & Saša Tatić, Talk about artistic practice,
                 Remont – Independent Artistic Association, Belgrade (SRB), 2018             
      -2018 Art and Activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Panel discussion, i-platform, Zürich (CH)                
      -2018 Video Workshop, BORG Bundesrealgymnasium and Bundesoberstufenreal gymnasium Wien 15, Vienna (AUS)
      -2018 Video Workshop, NMS ST. Agatha, St. Agatha (AUS)
      -2018 Art talk ‘Homewards’ for Class of prof. Marina Grižnić, Akademie der bildenden Künst-
                Studio for Conceptual Art (Post Conceptual Art Practicies) Vienna (AUS)
      -2018 Art talk ‘Homewards’ for Class of prof. Mladen Miljanović, Academy of Arts, Banja Luka University, (BIH)